If you looking to search for Flesh and blood singles, you can use the search tool on Fabdb.net. The have an complete and updated Flesh and Blood card list, where you can search for both card type, pitch price, expansions etc.

I you wanna buy single cards from Flesh and blood, there are several possibilites. Make sure to think about shipping cost.

Flesh and blood singles for sale

Flesh and Blood Price guide

Everyone i talking about the price level – How much is this card worth?

Right now the prices are consolidating and will at end of march 2021 levelize – before the spoiler of Monarch again will make prices goe up and down.

As you see or will find out, the demand is way bigger than the supply and this makes the price sky high. No supplier seems to be able to fill up their stock – so alot of cards is out of stock everywhere.

Rule of thumbs: eBay is expensive. Card Merchant and TCG-Player are the most levelized on fair and future prices.

What to buy for a start?

When being af Flesh and Blood starter, you don’t wanna buy singles. First you need to learn a lot of card and get a broader introduction to the game.

I recommand that you buy on of each hero deck – preconstructed for easy access to the game.

Flesh and Blood - A FABulous new TCG

Besides that you can buy one booster box from Welcome to Rathe unlimited, Arcane Rising unlimited and a Monarch (release est. apr 2021)

Then you will have a nice foundation for the future and can build 1 main deck and 1 secondary deck. And the you will still be able to trade your way to better single card for your chosen heroes. Later on you can buy the specific single you need. Typically to complete playset in your deck. You can play 2-3 of the same card in you deck dependant on playing format. Classic = 3 and Blizh = 2. Beware that this is unique card, so the same card with different colors/pitch are unique – This mean you can play up to 9 card with same name.

Same card in 3 unique variants – Red, yellow and blue