Enlightened Strike - WTR159

So this card is just incredible. Everyone is talking about it. It’s rarity is only Majestic, but it’s so attractive and played in all classes, that the price level is spicy.

I has 5 in attack which is fine, but also 3 i defence, which is rare – to two numbers above three – rare but not overpowered. The absolute downside to Enlightened strike is the additional cost: Put a card from your hand on the bottom of your deck. If you can’t the action will fizzle. As you never really use this card to pitch, you have to build “around it” to make sure you have cards enough in hand. With a casting cost of 0 ressources you “save a card” to pitching, which makes up for the downside. This card ia red, and it’s not printet in yellow or blue yet (2021). I has number 159 and only available in the Welcome to Rathe set.

When you resolve your layer, the ability of Enlightened strike forces you to choose 1:

Either draw a card, which is only nessacary if the cards in your hand screams for it. The +2 ability can be used to kill your opponent, if he is low in life, or if you got some other nasty combos attack reaction cards in hand.

The most used ability is the third one, with go again. I will compare this ability with Flying in MTG back in 1996. I felt a little bit like cheating – you had this monster and your opponent couldn’t block it. Go again makes new players react the same way…”hey it’s like an extra turn – how unfair”.

I pulled two E-strikes / eStrikes in the same booster once. One in Rainbow Foil and one regular. Wauw – what a day.

Which other cards work great with e-strikes? Thus the low ressource cost (Zero) you can use other and more ressource heavy spells in your deck. Enlightened strike is actually a one man army, which i suitable for defence, thus you can save cards for your arsenal.