Jan. 2021 – There are three Warrier heroes

I will take you through some of the best card for your warrier deck. I will try to enlight the up- and downsides.

Which weapon is best for your Warrier hero?

You can choose the Sabers or Blades.

Dawnblade or Cintari? The Cintari Sabers seems to be dependent on your opponents defending style. The Dawnblades seem to be easier to build synergies around – thus they due to the Second time phrase – have an obvious synergy with go again cards. This will require you to have some three-ressources cards to pitch, because you have to pay for both the action attack card and the attack ability on your weapen. So there is a balance you need to play test.

Warrior specialization cards

Only Dorinthea has specialization cards.

As you see each specialization card fits with a weapon. Steelblade Supremacy fits with Dawnblades because of the go again ability, that triggers the second time trigger. Singing Steelblade has Reprise, which fits with the ability of the Sabers.

All three heroes synergize with additional attacks / Go again, so that’s obviously a no brainer to focus on this ability. This excludes the Reprise / If defended cards.